The very first NFT for kids

The AlphaBetty NFT project is the first NFT for kids and families on the blockchain and some NFT collectors may even see it as a potential long term store of value as we've woven in some elements of Investment Alpha. Alpha is a measure of the active return on an investment.

Raising funds for charitable causes

One of our focuses at AlphaBetty NFT is to serve as a tool to introduce the young people in your life to NFTs, crypto, and investing without some of the jargon and technical barriers that can make newcomers feel the learning curve is too great. AlphaBetty is also raising a lot of funds for charitable causes that directly impact children mainly through donations to under funded schools and teachers.

The Roadmap

Over 1,000 ETH in AlphaBetty NFTs have been traded on the secondary market and Betties are held by over 3,000 unique owners, including celebrities, professional athletes, high profile social media influencers and a whole lotta Apes, Cats, VeeFriends, Women and other wildlife creatures.

We have done some good and already changed the NFT space for the better. With that said, we wanted to give you a deeper look into what we have in store long-term.

Join our community

We have the best community I have ever encountered and every single person plays a pivotal role in making Betty who she is.